The Global Fat Bike Summit in Jackson Hole!

Posted By on February 26, 2015

Town Square and East Jackson were scattered with winter patrons and cyclists as fat biking descended on Jackson Hole for the Global Fat Bike Summit. Fat bikes are the perfect instrument for riding through the snow due to the perfect weight distribution so there is no-sink traction and there is good control in deep snow. The overall attendance registered for this year’s summit was over 240 persons.

The Perfect Fit

The summit has been previously hosted in Montana, Ogden, Utah, West Yellowstone, Island Park and Idaho and after much discussion it was moved to Jackson, Wyoming for 2015. Jackson was the perfect fit for the summit as it is the home of Snow King Resort, the best skiing area in Jackson, a huge trail system and the national park. At the foot of Snow King, the summit had set up a base and expo and also a temporary short track for those persons who just wanted to test out the latest fat bikes and what they offer. The festival started off with an opening reception at the Grand View Lodge, then Lights and Motion provided lighting for the night ride with lights event.check it here!

The Demos, The Big Names

On Saturday the summit continued with demo rides from a few reputable companies such as Surly, Trek Specialized, Felt, Salsa, Borealis and Rocky Mountain. There was also a bike ride on Saturday night. A vacation in Jackson Hole at this time of year would have served to be a great treat for anyone. Another demo was performed on Sunday and then Teton Mountain Bike Tours provided a guided tour in Grand Teton National Park. The conclusion of the summit was an Industry Fat Bike Ride which was a three plus hours ride on the groomed fat bike single track trails.

It’s For Everyone

Fat Bikes are becoming even more popular as more and more persons are realizing their value and how easy they are to manoeuvre. The summit brought together consumers, dealers, media representatives, land managers and fat bike manufacturers to promote the use of fat bikes. Jackson Hole has gained a lot of points for being the host country of the event this year. This small town in Wyoming now has an idea of the world of fat bikes and what they can do. The bikes are not just for racers but also for families, women, non-cyclists and enthusiasts. Fat bikes are light and great for a ride in the snowy hills of Jackson WY.see it from

Fat Biking, A Great Solution

Fat Bike Summit

The Global Fat Bike Summit was supported by many locals of Jackson Hole who welcomed the teaching and new ideas that the companies participating in the summit had to offer.Jackson Hole accommodations were flocked with tourists for the event and proved to be a worthy investment by the public land managers in Jackson Hole. Fat bikes mean a new and easier way to ride in the winter. It brings opportunity for new experiences and new trails. All the presenters at the summit provided solutions to problems that riders have had for a while. No doubt the residents of Jackson will get into the fat bike world after seeing the summit.

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