11 Exercises to Boost Your Ski Fitness in Jackson Hole

Posted By on February 26, 2015

With the recent all-time coldest temperatures in the season for the Northeast, Jackson Hole accommodations through the White Buffalo Club may be a good option for that annual ski trip. With this in mind, fitness is vital for any skier. Below are 11 exercises that can boost your ski fitness in Jackson Hole.

Developing Strength and Balance

1. Romanian Dead lift – This exercise is effective with an 80 lb dumbbell. Curve your knees, ensure your back is straight, and then incline forward with the barbell, pivoting at the hips. Push your hips forward and come back to a standing position.

2. Wall Sit Ups – Stand next to a wall with your back against it and lower yourself down to where your legs form a 90 degree angle. Move in an up and down direction and repeat for a few sets.

3. Squat Jump –Stand with your feet apart as wide as the width of your shoulders. Jump high from a squatting position where your feet would have been parallel to the floor.

4. Weighted Single Leg Box Squats – Begin by standing on one leg and then attempting to sit on a box behind you (but do not sit and stop right above the box). Extend your other leg out from your body ensuring that your knee does not bend inwards to your body. Move up and down over the box but not sitting down.

5. Exercise Ball Crunches – After you took a rest at your Jackson Hole hotels, this is an excellent après ski exercise: use your abdominals to lift your shoulders up.

6. Lower Body Leg Lunges. Ensure your upper body remains straight, step forward with one leg, and then lower your hips with both knees at a 90 degree angle. Centralise the weight of your body on your heels then push yourself up to the starting position.

7. The Plank –Place yourself in the push-up position then place your elbows at a 90 degree angle while resting your weight on your forearm. With your body forming a straight line from head to feet, hold the position for as long as you can.

Those were easy and consistent exercises that help to Boost Your Ski Fitness in Jackson Hole.

Developing Endurance

8. Backwards Treadmill Walk – A slow 2-3 miles per hour walk is where this exercise begins. Increase the incline for the treadmill to the highest point, and then face backwards on it. Drop to a squatting position with your knees close to 90 degrees so that so you can walk up the treadmill backwards.

9. The Lateral Box Jump – Stand next to the step or box. Jump up and over the box or step and make sure that both feet leaves the floor and lands at the same time. Repeat the same movement on the other side of the box or step and continue in a few sets.

10. Band Walks – Walk sideways with a bad around your feet, closer to your ankles.

ski season

11. Medicine Ball Pump Squat – Hold a heavy medicine ball close to your chest then squat down. Staying in the squat position, begin to do short pump squats all the while staying in the lowered squat position, check this link here!

Being unaware of how to ski is not an excuse as Jackson Hole accommodations provide lessons through its professional and helpful staff.

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